Spotlight campaign: Lights Power Action

Young boy doing schoolwork with a lamp

African leaders must to do what it takes to enhance and scale up grid power supply while accommodating renewable energy. That’s the core message of the Africa Progress Panel’s latest report Lights Power Action: Electrifying Africa, which was launched by Kofi Annan on 13 March at the African Development Bank headquarters in Abidjan.

Our new report is an in-depth follow up to the Africa Progress Report 2015 People Power Planet: Seizing Africa’s Energy and Climate Opportunities, published in June 2015, which, explored the links between energy, climate and development in Africa.

Lights Power Action: Electrifying Africa seeks to build on the political momentum that has been generated since 2015 to increase energy access in Africa.

Its main aim is to provide additional policy-relevant information and insights to support the implementation of ambitious new public and private initiatives now underway that aim to increase energy access swiftly across Africa, especially the New Deal on Energy for Africa, spearheaded by the African Development Bank.

In light of the continent’s dynamic links with the rest of the world, the report also highlights critical steps that must be taken by leaders in the international public and private sectors.