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2011 APR report cover

 Africa Progress Report 2011

The 2011 Africa Progress Report focuses on the transformative power of partnerships to drive sustained social and economic development. The report highlights the comparatively swift and broad recoveries from the global financial and economic crises that many African economies have made but warns that the ‘low quality’ of this growth could threaten its sustainability and is undermining the continent’s development chances. The report argues that harnessing the energy, creativity and resources of public, private and third-sector parties will be vital to speeding development in Africa, it argues.



2010 APR cover Africa Progress Report 2010

The 2010 Africa Progress Report argues that Africa’s growth needs to be measured not just in GDP figures but also by the degree to which it brings social benefits for all its people. Focusing on Africa’s emergence as a “new economic frontier”, the Report notes that economic engagement with the Global South – China, the Far and Middle East, South Asia and Latin America – is already having a substantial development impact on Africa but that there is room for improvement and more Africans need to benefit.




 Africa Progress Report 2009

The 2009 Africa Progress Report argues that as the barriers to progress multiply, the quality of political leadership has become ever more relevant – and Africa is no exception. Accountability is the soundest basis for leadership, and for ensuring that precious financial resources, whether from domestic sources or donors, are best used to deliver tangible results.