Africa Progress Report 2015

The Africa Progress Report 2015 explains the bold steps that leaders globally and in Africa must take to achieve this vision. Above all, the report shows that the global climate moment is also Africa’s moment – Africa’s moment to lead the world.

Africa Progress Report 2014

To sustain growth that improves the lives of all Africans, the continent needs an economic transformation that taps into Africa’s other riches: its fertile land, its extensive fisheries and forests, and the energy and ingenuity of its people.

Africa Progress Report 2013

Africa’s economies have been riding the crest of a global commodity wave that could transform the continent’s prospects. Our report explains how this unprecedented chance could lift millions out of poverty and improve the prospects of generations to come.

Africa Progress Report 2012

For many of Africa’s people, rapid growth and rising wealth has failed to translate into better lives. This report looks at three of the most critical ingredients for transforming a promising economic upturn – jobs, justice and equity.

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