Global Goals, African Realities

The SDGs will only succeed if they can succeed in Africa –– whose rapidly growing population most needs the change that the agenda describes. That’s why the same concerns that drive the SDGs have been taken up over the last four years by the Africa Progress Panel and are summarized in the following...


Africa Progress Report 2015

For Sub-Saharan Africa, 2015 is a turning point. The summits on sustainable development, financing and climate change are swinging the spotlight not only onto Africa’s needs to accelerate development and adapt to global warming, but also onto the...

Policy Briefs
Cover of Opportunity Africa policy brief

Opportunity Africa: Powering the Future Now

  “It always seems impossible until it’s done,” Nelson Mandela once said. He was reflecting on the struggle to overturn apartheid, but his words have a powerful resonance today. The challenges are immense. To eradicate poverty,...

Finance and Banking Cover

Finance and Banking in Africa 2016

  Africa stands at a crossroads. Economic growth has taken root across much of the region. In many countries, exports are booming, foreign investment is on the rise and dependence on aid is declining. Governance reforms are transforming...


Discussion summary | African priorities in the new climate governance

As countries race to negotiate a new climate treaty by December 2015, the nature of the climate regime is evolving in profound ways. First, the object of the negotiations has shifted. Instead of seeking a treaty in which countries negotiate a...