Africa Progress Report 2015

There is plenty of evidence that the right climate change response could build Africa’s prosperity. The Africa Progress Report 2015 will gather that evidence to make a powerful case for transforming Africa’s energy, agriculture and...


Africa Progress Report 2014

To sustain growth that improves the lives of all Africans, the continent needs an economic transformation that taps into Africa’s other riches: its fertile land, its extensive fisheries and forests, and the energy and ingenuity of its people. The...

Policy Briefs
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Discussion summary | Finance and banking in Africa

  Representatives from multilateral organisations and the private sector met at the Africa Progress Panel in Geneva on December 12, 2014, to discuss finance and banking solutions for Africa. The meeting forms part of a broader...


Finance and banking in Africa

  If Africa is to make the transition from high growth to transformative growth that we have described, with agriculture at its heart, then it must overcome three major obstacles. The first is a lack of access to formal financial services....


Discussion Summary | Climate Change: An African agenda

  At the global climate conference in Paris in late 2015, world leaders have promised concerted action to limit greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate harmful climate effects. As that date approaches, Africa finds itself in a unique position:...