Policy Briefs

Opportunity Africa: Powering the Future Now

Renewable energy could do for electricity what the mobile phone did for telecommunications: provide millions of households with access to a technology that creates new opportunities.

Finance and Banking in Africa 2016

Africa stands at a crossroads. Economic growth has taken root across much of the region. In many countries, exports are booming, foreign investment is on the rise and dependence on aid is declining.

Global Goals, African Realities

The SDGs will only succeed if they can succeed in Africa –– whose rapidly growing population most needs the change that the agenda describes. That’s why the same concerns that drive the SDGs have been taken up over the last four years by the Africa Progress Panel and are summarized in the following report.

Discussion summary | African priorities in the new climate governance

As countries race to negotiate a new climate treaty by December 2015, the nature of the climate regime is evolving in profound ways.

Discussion summary | Finance and banking in Africa

As well as examining Africa’s need for finance to help it cope with the effects of climate change, this document looks at the broader role of the finance and banking sector in enabling economic development.

Finance and Banking in Africa January 2015

With international aid unlikely to increase soon, Africa must find new ways to tap private finance, starting by boosting and making good use of domestic savings.

Finance and banking in Africa

Agriculture is the key to the kind of growth Africa needs, but no sector suffers more from financial exclusion, infrastructural weaknesses and lack of public investment.

Discussion Summary | Climate Change: An African agenda

The Africa Progress Panel convened a meeting in Geneva on October 30, 2014 of experts from the private sector, governments, multilateral agencies, nongovernment organizations, think tanks and academia, to prepare for the 2015 Africa Progress Report. Participants discussed responses to climate change that also meet Africa’s needs for energy, growth, and agricultural transformation.

Climate change: An African agenda

2015 is a watershed moment for climate change. The Paris Climate Summit at the end of the year provides a focal point for international action. There is an expectation from Paris that developed countries, responsible for the lion’s share of the impact of climate change, will sign up to new targets to reduce emissions.

Development Finance for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Africa

Experts from the private sector, government, United Nations agencies, non-government organizations and academia gathered in Geneva on November 28, 2013, for a consultation to prepare for the 2014 Africa Progress Report