Bob Geldof

Musician, Businessman, Founder and Chair of Band Aid, Live Aid and live8, Co-Founder of DATA and ONE Advisor and Advocate

Bob Geldof is an Irish musician, businessman and campaigner against poverty.

Mr Geldof’s activism for Africa began with Ethiopia’s famine in 1984. Reacting to television reports that showed dying, skeletal children, he co-wrote “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” which was recorded with Band Aid, a “supergroup” of leading British musicians. The song became the biggest-selling single in UK history, raising more than £8 million (US$10m). In 1985 Mr Geldof mounted the Live Aid concerts in London and Philadelphia, which raised over £150 million (US$180m) for famine relief.

On the 20th anniversary of Live Aid, Mr Geldof organised Live 8, a series of concerts around the world in July 2005 to pressure world leaders on African issues before the G8 summit meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland. The concerts had an estimated global audience of 3 billion people.

A former member of Tony Blair’s Commission for Africa, Mr Geldof remains involved with the Band Aid Trust and ONE, an advocacy organisation. His business interests include a private equity firm,  8 Miles, which invests exclusively in Africa.

Born in Dublin in 1951, Mr Geldof has received many awards for his music, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and was made an honorary Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE) by Queen Elizabeth II.

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