Africa's largest wind farm, the 140 MW Tangiers I "Dhar Saadane" facility was inaugurated on June 2010. With capacity to generate 526.5 GWh a year, resulting power generation is equivalent to more than 126,000 tones of oil equivalent (TEP) each year and prevents the emission of close to 370,000 tones of CO2 annually.


It’s Africa’s moment to lead on climate, say Kofi Annan and Robert Rubin in the Washington Post

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Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today. To avoid catastrophe, we must dramatically reduce the carbon intensity of our modern energy systems, which have set us on a collision course with our planetary boundaries.

Catholic Church of England and Wales


Kofi Annan supports the encyclical on climate change by His Holiness Pope Francis

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“As Pope Francis reaffirms, climate change is an all-encompassing threat: it is a threat to our security, our health, and our sources of fresh water and food.”

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel spricht auf der Abschluss-Pressekonferenz des G7-Gipfels.


Kofi Annan supports Chancellor Merkel and G7 leaders’ statement on cutting fossil fuels and promoting renewable investments in Africa

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The Africa Progress Panel welcomes the commitment made by the G7 to make deep cuts in emissions and to phase out of fossil fuels by the end of the century.