COP22: Panel Member Opinions

Panel Member COP22 Opinion Pieces

In response to the climate change meetings being held in Marrakesh, Morocco, our panel members have commented on the issues that are most pressing for African countries as a whole.

Here’s what our panel members have to say: 


Strive Masiyiwa: COP22 – Green investments is the only bet

strive-masiyiwa-hs_smallIn every sphere of life, Africans are great innovators and entrepreneurs. You only have to step into an African market to see and hear that ingenuity. But every entrepreneur needs investment, and that’s where things often get tough in Africa… African countries need investment, too. Right now, in particular, they need investment so they can adapt to the effects of climate change and play their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Michel Camdessus: Climate action is more urgent than ever, and we know what to do

MCIt’s clear what countries have to do this week in Morocco at COP22, the latest global climate talks. They have to turn the Paris pledges into immediate action. They need to revise those pledges upwards, to have a chance of limiting global warming to less than 2C, the Paris goal. And they must focus their action on the world’s most vulnerable countries.

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Peter Eigen: Protect fish stocks to build climate resilience along African coasts

PEThe fishing communities dotted along Africa’s often inhospitable coastline have overcome many challenges before. But they now face some of their most difficult challenges ever. Many depend on fishing for their survival, but their fish stocks are declining and climate change accelerates that decline. The warming, rising, more acidic seas affect habitats and reproduction.

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Linah Mohohlo: At COP22, it is important to ensure that climate finance meets Africa’s needs

Panel member Lihah MohohloClimate change is the biggest problem we have ever had to face, as communities, countries and the planet. This means it is an expensive problem given that adjusting economies to limit greenhouse gas emissions costs money; so too does adapting agriculture, water use and coastlines.

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