Animation: Power, People, Planet – Seizing Africa’s energy and climate opportunities

Can we stave off catastrophic climate change while building the energy systems needed to power growth, create jobs, and lift millions of people out of poverty? That’s a crucial question for Africa.

Boosting the use of Africa’s vast renewable energy resources must be at the heart of its energy transformation. But at the same time African nations do not have to lock into developing high-carbon old technologies; countries can expand our power generation and achieve universal access to energy by leapfrogging into new technologies.

Africa is already showing great potential to lead the global renewables revolution. Some countries in the region like Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa are world’s pioneers in climate-resilient, low-carbon development. Ethiopia, for example, has set an ambition to achieve zero-net emission status by 2027.

This animation explains the key messages in Africa Progress Report 2015, “Power, People, Planet: Seizing Africa’s energy and climate opportunities“.