Africa Progress Panel welcomes convening of first International Anti-Corruption Summit

The Africa Progress Panel welcomes the convening of the first International Anti-Corruption Summit in London on 12 May. This Summit provides an opportunity for the UK government to show leadership again as it did at the G8 Summit in 2013 at Lough Erne on the issues of tax and transparency.

Transparency is a critical weapon in the fight back against corruption. For too long corporate secrecy has enabled corruption to thrive. The Panel thus remains a strong advocate for the establishment of a public central registry of beneficial ownership information, for which there is now increasing international support.

The UK was the first country to commit to a public registry and is leading the way in this domain.

Ultimately, success will depend on citizens, governments and civil society at the national level maintaining the daily fight against corruption. At the same time, global solutions are absolutely critical.

The Africa Progress Panel believes this week’s Anti-Corruption Summit can play an essential role in galvanising global support for greater transparency.

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