Artisanal Fishermen in Senegal


300,000 new jobs if western Africa invests in fisheries industry – new report

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A crack down on illegal fishing by foreign commercial fleets operating in western Africa and investment in the region’s maritime industry could lead to major benefits, including more than 300,000 new jobs.



Let’s protect Africa’s ocean wealth from illegal fishing

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Africa’s rich coastal waters have long been plundered by foreign fleets, fishing illegally. Now global initiatives are gathering forces that aim to end such plunder — and protect the livelihoods of coastal communities. For these initiatives to succeed, however, many more countries around the world need to participate.

Electricity pylons


Opportunity Africa: Powering the Future, Now, Kofi Annan’s Remarks at the AfDB Annual Meetings 2016

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Achieving the energy transition in Africa requires that long-term national interest override short-term political gain, vested interests, corruption and political patronage.